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The Hwzzit Mobile App makes it really easy to keep in touch with friends and family wherever you may be...

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About Hwzzit

The Hwzzit Mobile App makes life fun by keeping users in touch with their friends and family, all in one place. Having downloaded and installed The Hwzzit Mobile App users can create their own profiles and add cool and crazy profile photos to get started. App users can then invite their friends and family to join Hwzzit and create custom groups for friends, co-workers and family to name but a few.

With a social community made of only friends and family, Hwzzit makes being social easy. App users can share content they love with all their Hwzzit connections fast and simple. Download the Hwzzit App and make clear connections with those you care about.

Hwzzit Features
Create your Own Profile

App users can customise their Hwzzit Personal Profile and bio as they wish. You can be as creative as you want. Hwzzit App users can add crazy and cool photos of themselves to make their Hwzzit Profile complete.

Create Custom Groups

App users can add friends and family to groups that can be created in an instant. Sunday morning joggers, Cousins United - You think about it and You can create it. Gather all the like minded in one place and share the fun.

Responsive Chats

An important message, a long overdue chat or to plan for the weekend, Hzzzit users can use the handy chat function to exchange messages with other App users from anywhere. Users can add emojis, gifs and more to make chatting more fun and memorable.

Audio + Video Calls

Hwzzit users can keep in touch with crystal clear audio and video calling that makes life fun and interactive.

Share Content with just one touch

App users can share their favourite photos, links or forwards very easily with just one touch. This means that you are always connected to your Hwzzit family and they can enjoy and take note of your shared content with greater engagement and response.

What’s on your mind?

Hwzzit users can post their thoughts or opinions via their profile and other app users can comment and react to them.

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